Romantic Bar Magic Vol 2 by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD
    • Romantic Bar Magic Vol 2 by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD

    Romantic Bar Magic Vol 2 by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD

    This collection of romantic themed magic tricks is perfect for weddings, Valentine's Day, or a date night at a restaurant or bar. The effects can be performed up close or in a more formal setting, making them versatile for any occasion. Each trick is demonstrated through live performances filmed at Illusions Magic Bar, followed by a detailed explanation.In Volume 2, "Gamble with my Heart" offers a unique twist on the classic five card repeat trick, ending with a surprising finale. "Card in Heart Balloon" is a mind-boggling trick where a chosen playing card magically appears inside a heart-shaped balloon. "Wedding Thoughts" allows you to read the minds of two people as they think of objects from a list.
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    This is a collection of romantic themed magic that can be performed at weddings, on valentine day or close-up at restaurants / bars to couples on a date. Many of the effects are suitable for parlour, as well as close-up and there are multiple live performances for all the tricks, filmed at Illusions Magic Bar before a full explanation.

    Volume 2:

    Gamble with my Heart

    My version of five card repeat, with a surprise ending.

    Card in Heart Balloon
    A thought-of playing card appears inside a heart shaped balloon.

    Wedding Thoughts
    Two people think of two objects from a list, then you read their minds.

    Heart String
    The spectator makes a heart pendant spin and swing in their own hands.

    Ring & Rose
    A ring vanishes and appears inside a rose.

    Ambitious Waltz
    A unique take on the ambitious card with an anniversary waltz ending.

    The Four Card Trick
    Hearts vanish from the cards and appear on the spectator's card.
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