Royal Road To Card Magic by R. Paul Wilson video DOWNLOAD
    • Royal Road To Card Magic by R. Paul Wilson video DOWNLOAD

    Royal Road To Card Magic by R. Paul Wilson video DOWNLOAD

    The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson is the ultimate resource for anyone serious about learning card magic. This course, based on the classic book by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue, covers all the essential sleights and tricks needed to become a skilled card magician. Each chapter explores a new sleight followed by tricks that incorporate the learned techniques. The course is taught by renowned magician R. Paul Wilson, who provides clear instructions and performs the tricks for an informal audience. This download series expands and updates the material from the book, including new effects, improved methods, and advice from top card magicians. Following this course will lead to becoming an excellent card magician.


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    If you are If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start than The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson.

    Since its initial publication, The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue has been regarded as the most complete course in sleight of hand with playing cards ever written, teaching essential sleights from the Overhand Shuffle to the Pass and Palm.

    Each chapter explores a new sleight followed by several tricks using what the student has already learned-tricks that, incidentally, include many of the best card effects ever created.

    Many of today's finest magicians began with Hugard and Braue's classic book, including world-renowned card expert R. Paul Wilson. On these downloads, Paul guides you along this Royal Road, demonstrating the sleights and effects from the book along with many important touches from his own repertoire. Paul guides you effortlessly through each chapter, using clear and concise instructions combined with multiple camera angles. He also performs most of the tricks in the book for an informal audience, allowing the student to see each effect before learning it.

    This download series is a complete course in card magic that expands and updates the material from The Royal Road to Card Magic with new effects, improved methods, and advice from many of today's finest exponents of card conjuring. If you follow this course from beginning to end, learning each sleight before moving to the next chapter, you will soon be on your way to becoming an excellent card magician.

    R. Paul Wilson teaching the Royal Road is one of the very best ways to learn card magic. The production values are superb! This is the best download course on card magic available today! -Bill Malone

    Paul Wilson has performed card magic since he was eight years old and hasn't left home without a deck of cards since! Now a world-renowned, award-winning magician, Paul is respected not only for his creative approach to magic but also for his remarkable skill with cards. He is a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and has traveled the world performing and lecturing on sleight of hand. Paul has also authored fifteen booklets and manuscripts on his magic and has also produced five instructional videos of his work. Paul now works in film and television. His credits include technical advisor and second-unit director of the movie Shade, producer of A&E's Mondo Magic, co-producer and star of Court TV's The Takedown, producer and star of the BBC show The Real Hustle, and technical advisor on the movie Smokin' Aces.

    VOLUME 1
    Overhand Shuffle Hand Position
    Controlling the Top Card
    Controlling the Bottom Card
    Top Card to Next to Bottom and Back
    The Run
    Double Undercut
    Retaining Top Stock
    Full Deck False Shuffle
    Topsy-Turvy Cards
    Poker Player's Nightmare
    Pocket Discovery
    Telepathy Plus
    Thought Stealer
    Pinkie Does It
    A Card and a Number
    Riffle Shuffle Intro
    Retaining the Top Card
    Retaining the Bottom Card
    In the Air
    An Instinct for Cards
    Ultra Card Divination
    Flourishes Intro
    Spread and Turnover
    Springing the Cards
    Waterfall Shuffle
    The Fan
    One Hand Fan
    One Thumb Fan
    Bonus Material

    VOLUME 2
    The Glide Intro
    The Glide
    Glide Refinement
    Design for Laughter
    Observation Test
    Glimpse Intro & The Bottom Card Glimpse
    The Top Card Glimpse #1
    Gray's Spelling Trick
    Key Card / Undercut / Card Under
    Do As I Do
    The Three Piles
    The Twenty-Sixth Card
    Meeting of the Minds
    Non Poker Voice
    Sliding Key Card
    Bonus Material

    VOLUME 3
    Palm Intro
    Top Palm 1
    Holding Card / Holding Deck
    Multiple Top Palm
    Palm Glimpse
    Replacing Top Card
    Card in Pocket
    Now You See It
    Gathering of the Clan
    Spring Catch
    Piano Trick
    Back Slip Intro
    Back Slip
    Lightning Card
    The Tantalizer
    Under Your Hat
    Overhand Shuffle 2 Intro
    Overhand Break Control
    Overhand Lift Shuffle
    Lift Shuffle Force
    Spread & Break
    Holding a Break
    Spread & Break Control
    Obliging Aces
    Spectator's Card
    Poker Puzzle
    False Shuffles and Cuts Intro
    Optical Shuffle
    Charlier Shuffle
    False Cuts
    Palm Cut
    An Incomprehensible Divination
    Circus Card Trick
    Blackjack Detective
    Bonus Material

    VOLUME 4
    Double Lift and Turnover
    Double Lift Glimpse
    Rapid Transit
    Ambitious Card
    Throughth and Consequences
    Insidious Dr. Fu Lui Tu
    The Pass Intro
    Pass Technique
    Roy Walton's Pass at Red
    Kangaroo Card
    Righting a Wrong
    Blindfold Pack
    Double Speller
    Color Change
    The Changing Card
    Self Cutting Deck
    A Pretty Cut
    Pop-Up Card
    Charlier Cut
    Acrobatic Aces
    Reverses Intro
    First Method
    Second Method
    Third Method
    Fourth Method
    Reversed Location
    Tipsy Turvy
    Double Reverse
    Mountebank Miracle
    Bonus Material

    VOLUME 5
    Hindu Shuffle Control
    Hindu Force
    Hindu Glimpse
    The Step
    Natural Injog
    All Change Here
    Classic Force Intro
    Now You See It
    One Hand Force
    Bottom Force
    Two Card Force
    Riffle Break Force
    Sliding Key Force
    Double Lift Force
    Cut Force
    Justice Card Trick
    Fours of a Kind
    Pulse Trick
    Top & Bottom Changes Intro
    Top Change
    The Changeling
    Bottom Change
    Jacks Wild
    Think Stop
    Reds & Blacks
    Matching the Cards
    Platform Intro
    3 Cards Across
    Ladies Looking Glass
    Paul's Tips
    Bonus Material

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