Rubberbound by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD
    • Rubberbound by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD

    Rubberbound by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD

    This card trick will blow your mind!

    Have your spectator select a card, sign it, and place it back into the deck.

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    Rubberbound by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD

    Some people may be bored with card tricks, but believe me -- this is not an ordinary card trick!

    Your spectator freely selects a card, signs it, and it is placed back into the deck of cards and shuffled. You also select and sign one card, punch a hole in its bottom corner, and tie it with a rubber band. It is then tied to your spectator's hand so the card cannot go anywhere.

    Your task is to find the spectator's card in the deck. When you take a random card and look at it, it is not the spectator's chosen card - it's your card with your signature on it. WAIT! If that's your card, then which card is bound in the spectator's hands? Your guess is right -- it's the spectator's card complete with a signature and a hole, bound by the rubber band! A great and magical surprise!

    And the end, both cards can be examined and audience can keep their signed and punched card as a souvenir.

    Download the video and learn!

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