Rubberdini by Gogo Requiem video DOWNLOAD
    • Rubberdini by Gogo Requiem video DOWNLOAD

    Rubberdini by Gogo Requiem video DOWNLOAD

    Welcome to the world of Rubberdini - an ultra-visual magic trick using just a rubber band and a deck of cards

    Impress your audience with three impromptu effects - The Haunted Rubberdini, the Pop-out Rubberdini, and the Flying Rubberdini

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    3 impromptu effects using only a rubber band and a deck of cards!

    The Haunted Rubberdini - a card is selected and placed back into the deck. The rubber band is placed inside and around the deck. Mysteriously, the selected card slowly emerges from the deck in an eerie fashion!

    The Pop-out Rubberdini - the selected card pops out of the deck in an instant!

    The Flying Rubberdini - the selected card flies at least a foot out of the deck!

    - NO gimmicks
    - NO magnets
    - NO threads
    - NO forcing
    - Extremely easy to do with no difficult sleights

    Download this video and begin amazing people with Rubberdini!

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