Soldier's Prayerbook by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOWD
    • Soldier's Prayerbook by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOWD

    Soldier's Prayerbook by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOWD

    Devin has come up with a clever solution to a common problem faced by church groups. Many churches view playing cards as sinful and associated with gambling. However, Devin has found a way to incorporate playing cards into church shows without offending these beliefs. In this e-book, he shares his effective technique that has successfully changed his own family's perception of playing cards. If you're facing a similar challenge, this treatise may offer a solution that could work for you.

    The e-book is concise, consisting of only 8 pages in PDF format. Devin's personal experience and proven method make this resource a valuable tool for anyone looking to use playing cards in a church setting.

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    This is an oldie but goodie, it helps solve a problem with certain church shows. Devin has often got phone calls from church groups asking for a magic show, but to not bring playing cards because the church frowns upon them as being sinful. Here is an effective and proven way to use playing cards in church groups that think cards are based on gambling and are of the devil. Yes, these people still exist today and this treatise gives an effective way to overcome this belief. Devin was raised in a household that forbid playing cards, but he used the technique in this e-book to change his family's mind about cards. It worked for him, it may work for you.

    Pages: 8 - 8.5" x 11' - PDF FORMAT