SOLVED by Subrata Banerjee video DOWNLOAD
    • SOLVED by Subrata Banerjee video DOWNLOAD

    SOLVED by Subrata Banerjee video DOWNLOAD

    Imagine the ability to show a blank crossword puzzle from a newspaper and with a simple shake, it appears entirely solved! This magic trick, similar to one performed by magician Dynamo, is called "SOLVED". It doesn't stop at solving puzzles, you can also use it to reveal any prediction, such as a card, name, or number. The trick can be done with any newspaper crossword puzzle, in any language, and you don't actually have to solve the puzzle yourself.

    The trick involves a quick switch of the paper, which can then be examined, leaving you clean of suspicion. The switch can be done even with a full-sized newspaper. It's easy to do and suitable for both close-up and stage performances. The package includes in-depth video instructions and allows for an instant reset

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    EFFECT: Imagine showing a blank CROSSWORD PUZZLE from a newspaper and, with a shake, it is entirely solved!

    INCLUDES BONUS IDEAS: It doesn't end here. You can even reveal any PREDICTION (card, name, number) - the possibilities are endless!

    Magician DYNAMO performed something similar on his Magician Impossible series.
    • You can make the gimmick with any newspaper having a CROSSWORD PUZZLE, in any language
    • You don't have to actually solve the puzzle
    • The paper can be examined (after switching it instantly) and you end up clean!
    • Note: You can 'actually' switch a fully sized newspaper
    • Very EASY TO DO
    • Great for close-up and stage
    • In-depth video instruction
    If you love powerful and highly visual magic, then SOLVED is for you.

    You can perform it on stage, close-up or walk-around. This powerful reputation maker would look great when you upload it on your social media platforms.


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