Some Total Simplified by AK Dutt eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Some Total Simplified by AK Dutt eBook DOWNLOAD

    Some Total Simplified by AK Dutt eBook DOWNLOAD

    AK Dutt is a magician and mentalist known for his unique creations and personalized variations of existing effects. He has developed an improved version of Larry Becker's 'Sum Total'. This variation eliminates the need for an assistant, making it perfect for a one-man show and more convincing. It also removes the need for a nail writer and switching the number card.

    Furthermore, Dutt's version is more sustainable as it allows for repeated use of number chips, avoiding wastage. The eBook provides three variations of the effect, enabling repeat performances for the same audience. It also offers a systematic method for posting numbers, simplifying the trick. The eBook includes PDF templates of all necessary materials, facilitating easy setup.

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    AK Dutt is a magician and mentalist with creations in both fields. He also works with existing effects and strives to customize and personalize them until, often, the variations make them appear new in his hands. This is an improved variation of Sum Total by Larry Becker.

    The advantages are:
    No need to use the services of your assistant like in the original effect. Therefore, it can be performed in a 'one man show' which makes the effect all the more convincing. No need to use the nail writer. No need to switch the number card. No wastage of any material as the number chips can be repeatedly used in all your shows. The three variations explained in the eBook will help you to perform the same effect to the repeat audiences. Systematic way of posting of numbers makes the trick much easier. Templates in PDF format of all the required materials are included with the eBook which helps you to make the set at your end.

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