Stab by Zihu - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Stab by Zihu - Video DOWNLOAD

    Stab by Zihu - Video DOWNLOAD

    STAB is a revolutionary method that allows magicians to effortlessly locate a spectator's chosen card. With this technique, you can even determine the card's position with your eyes closed, without the need for any hand markings. The effect is simple yet mind-blowing: the audience freely selects and signs a card, which is then returned to the deck. After shuffling, the magician inserts a card into the deck and instantly reveals the exact position of the chosen card. This method is specifically designed for working magicians, enabling them to perform both on the street and at a table. STAB is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to locate the spectator's card blindly or even with the deck behind your back.

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    STAB is a brand new method to help magician can easily know the location of the spectator card. Even close your eyes you know where it is without markup by hand techniques.

    Effect :

    The audience freely chooses a card, signed it and put it back into the deck. After the shuffle, the magician uses a card inserted into the deck, immediately it is located right position of the audience selected card.

    Designed for the working magicians, able to perform on the street and on the table.

    STAB is easy to use and perform. You can find the spectator card when blindly or even at the deck behind your back.
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