• THAUMATOLOGY by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    THAUMATOLOGY by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    This eBook has 8 amazing, easy-to-do magic tricks that will leave your audience in awe! From the classic Skinner's Jazz Aces to the hilarious Match Burns Twice, each trick is varied and entertaining

    Color Changing Deck is Marlo's routine and is the best one out there, with a triple revelation! VOODOO Ashes is an old routine that Paul has taken a step further to make it a miracle and the 27 Card Trick will fool any magician! Marble Matrix is Paul's own routine from his first paid show and Math Magic has two math tricks that will even fool the magician performing it! Download this eBook an...

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    This eBook has a huge variety of mind-blowing magic! There are eight BIG routines that are varied and entertaining.

    Skinner's Jazz Aces - Leave it to the late, great Michael Skinner to come up with a variation on a classic, Peter Kane's Jazz Aces. Skinner's version, here, is not only easier to do, but is 10X more deceptive! This is a MUST!

    Match Burns Twice - This is an old routine that Paul has taken a step further with an EXTRA amazing revelation and ends with a hilarious joke! This one is great for parties!

    Color Changing Deck - Marlo's routine here, is the best one out there... no doubt! Plus, the complete hilarious patter, from start to finish, is provided. This ends with a TRIPLE revelation!

    VOODOO Ashes - This old routine is a dazzler. The basic routine is provided... PLUS, many other ideas are provided that will bring this routine into the miracle category!

    The 27 Card Trick - This one is similar to the 21 Card Trick - but wait until you see ideas provided by Paul that will FOOL any magician! This will become your favorite effect!

    Marble Matrix - Paul came up with this Matrix routine when he was just a kid at his first paid show... it fooled a room full of neighborhood Moms! Paul also gives the Reverse Assembly!

    Math Magic - TWO math tricks (one with dice!) are provided here as magic effects. Both of these effects will fool ANYONE and EVERYONE! The second math trick will even FOOL the magician performing it! You will NOT believe that this can even work - but it does... and even a child can do this!

    Download this eBook and start learning today!
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