The Blackjack Room by Josh Zandman - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • The Blackjack Room by Josh Zandman - eBook DOWNLOAD

    The Blackjack Room by Josh Zandman - eBook DOWNLOAD

    This text describes a mind-blowing magic trick called "Blackjack Room." The performer starts by making a prediction and sealing it in an envelope, which is then held by an audience member throughout the presentation. On stage, there is a table, five chairs, and a deck of cards. Five spectators are invited to play a hand of blackjack, with the cards being shuffled and dealt by one of the players. The kicker comes when all players are given the option to switch seats. The performer then reveals that he had a vision that morning of a person receiving the same hand over and over again, and he accurately names the exact envisioned blackjack hand, including the total and card names. The sealed envelope is opened to reveal a detailed description of the player with the exact hand.

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    This is a true miracle. The description below is true to the last word. It reads like a miracle - because it is one.

    With contributions from: Greg Arce, Neil Tobin and Richard Osterlind

    The Prediction:
    A prediction is sealed in an envelope and held by an audience member the entire presentation.
    No switches.

    The Game: On stage; a table, 5 chairs and a deck of cards. 5 players (spectators) come up to play a hand of blackjack. Cards are shuffled by a random player and re-cased to avoid any tampering by the performer as he explains about blackjack. No false shuffles. No Sleights. One player deals a face-down card to each player followed by a face-up card.

    The Kicker:
    All players are given the option to switch seats.

    The Climax:
    The performer tells about a vision he had that morning of a person playing blackjack and receiving the same hand, over and over again from the dealer. He then names out loud that exact envisioned blackjack hand; total and card names and states that he also wrote down a description of this person in a sealed envelope that an audience member now holds. For the first time, the players are instructed to look at their face-down card. One player has that exact hand. The audience member holding the envelope, now opens it and reads it aloud only to reveal a detailed description of the player with the exact hand the performer had envisioned, earlier that morning!

    No Gimmicks.
    No Sleight of Hand.
    No Markings.
    Bonus Effect: Back to the Future 2.

    "This is great stuff. Josh shared this effect with me awhile ago and I told him to keep it to himself and those who know the method, because it's too good. I use this and it kills! Please guard this one."
    - Nick Belleas, PEA Member

    "Once again we have a simple idea that will pack a punch. This is a routine that will allow the performer to squeeze a lot of mystery out of it and yet is not at all difficult to do."
    - Greg Arce

    "This is great! Really a killer effect with a great visual impact."
    - Tony Razzano, Past President, PEA

    "Don't bypass the second feature, Back to the Future 2. It uses my favorite method: chutzpah."
    - Gran'pa Chet

    "This is a beautiful, straightforward blackjack presentation and perfect for those who like doing this type of routine. A deck is shuffled and dealt out just like that with just a tiny bit of very logical time disconnect business. Not only that but the deck can be handled completely by the participants...Without question, this ebook is recommended."
    - Jheff, Marketplace of the Mind

    "If you read an effect description of 'Blackjack Room' it is simply an impossible feat. You will say: "Can't be! Where is the deception in the description?" There is none. The effect is as it reads, seemingly impossible. It uses a devious method that was completely new to me. It is a masterful invention with many uses."
    - Chris Wasshuber,

    Pages: 15 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF FORMAT

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