The Doctor Is In - The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 5 video DOWNLOAD
    • The Doctor Is In - The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 5 video DOWNLOAD

    The Doctor Is In - The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 5 video DOWNLOAD

    Dr. Sawa, a renowned magician from the 1970s, has made a comeback in the magic world with his renewed enthusiasm. L&L Publishing is proud to present a collection of astonishing coin routines by Dr. Sawa. These routines include mind-boggling transformations of coins into different denominations and even changing size, color, and form. The routines also feature unique and entertaining storylines, such as a battle between eagles and fish and a charitable exchange gone awry. Dr. Sawa's magic is both whimsical and astonishing, leaving audiences speechless.

    The first four routines in the collection involve incredible changes in coins, with one routine transforming four half dollars into two quarters, five dimes, and 20 nickels.

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    When Dr. Sawa burst onto the magic scene back in the 1970s, he caused an international sensation. His work with paper, seashells, ropes and especially coins, was simultaneously whimsical and astonishing. Some years ago, for private reasons, Dr. Sawa vanished from the magic world. Happily, he has resurfaced-his enthusiasm for magic not only renewed, but actually increased.

    L&L Publishing is proud to present new and astonishing coin routines.

    1. Five Cents Panic: A series of unbelievable changes, starting with four half dollars. One becomes two quarters. Another converts to five dimes. The remaining pair changes into no less than 20 nickels!

    2. One Dollar is One Dollar: A single silver dollar splits into two half dollars, converts back again, then splits again, then reconverts to its original form.

    3. Pendant Cantabile: A circular frame on a silver necklace lends itself to a variety of magical moments, as coins change size, color and form.

    4. Brown Trout: It's eagles versus fish in this fanciful account of interspecies rivalry.

    5. Surgical Effect: Ready for something weird? Many magicians have pushed a coin through the hand, but never as slowly and graphically as this!

    6. Engaged Coins: A lovely copper/silver routine with a romantic storyline that's sure to engage your audience.

    7. A Beggar: A Sawa classic reworked. This quirky tale involves a charitable exchange gone awry, with results both magical and humorous.

    8. Pantomime Silvers: No patter is necessary as the magic becomes progressively more amazing. It starts with a single coin, but where it goes will leave you speechless!


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