The Phantom Card By J.S video DOWNLOAD
    • The Phantom Card By J.S video DOWNLOAD

    The Phantom Card By J.S video DOWNLOAD

    This is a unique and amazing magic trick that will have your audience in awe! With no special skills required, you'll be able to make a card selected by your spectator rise to the top of the deck with just a magical signal

    You can also attach a sticker to the card and when you give another signal, the card will become half transparent! To top it off, if you cover the card with your hands, it will magically turn into a transparent card - perfect for giving away as a souvenir

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    Your spectator removes a card, and it is placed it in the middle of the deck. When a magical signal is given, the card rises to the top of the deck. If you attach a sticker to the card and give a signal, the card becomes half transparent in front. Once again, if you cover it with your hands, the card selected by the spectator magically turns into a transparent card.
    • Semi-automatic gimmick.
    • No special skills.
    • Signs or stickers can be attached.
    • Transparent card can be presented as a souvenir.
    • You can see the process of the card's becoming transparent right in front of your eyes.
    Download the video and learn this effect.

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