The Piddington's Quandary by Scott Creasey video DOWNLOAD
    • The Piddington's Quandary by Scott Creasey video DOWNLOAD

    The Piddington's Quandary by Scott Creasey video DOWNLOAD

    Sydney and Lesley Piddington, an Australian couple known for their mentalism acts in the late 1940s, are the inspiration behind a 30-minute video tutorial. The video teaches viewers how to replicate the Piddington's style of long-distance telepathy experiments. With minimal preparation, you can create the illusion of transmitting random audience information to another person, even if they're in a different country. The video also includes a one-person remote-viewing routine using the same system.

    The routine requires little preparation and no pre-show, electronics, stooges, duel reality, memory work, or verbal codes, allowing you to focus solely on the presentation.

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    Sydney and Lesley Piddington were an Australian husband and wife mentalism team who, in the late 1940's, presented a series of live radio broadcasts for the BBC. These comprised specialized tests devised to demonstrate Lesley's ability to receive thoughts over a great distance.

    In this 30-minute video, you will learn an effective, easy-to-prepare and simple method, which will enable you to replicate the style of long distance telepathy experiments made famous by the Piddington's.

    With very little preparation, you'll create the illusion that you possess the ability to silently transmit randomly-selected audience information to another person. If you wish, this person can be a thousand miles away, in a different country!

    Also included is a one-person remote-viewing routine using the same system.

    The required props take but minutes to prepare. The routine uses no pre-show, no electronics, no stooges, no duel reality, no memory work, and no verbal codes. This allows you to concentrate solely on the presentation.

    "The Piddington's Quandary may be your very best 'packs small plays big' release yet! TPQ would make an ideal closer for a stage show, a great publicity stunt, or both. Really liked the mini documentary style at the beginning of the DVD. Once again, you have released another brilliant routine with extremely deceptive and clever workings that is easy to execute. No difficult sleights. No unnatural moves. Every step in the sequence smooth and beautifully justified. Seriously underpriced."
    - Bill O'Connell

    "The Piddington's Quandary is a top-notch, first class professional mentalism routine, complete with Scott's diabolically clever thinking. If you are a fan of Scott's work, you know exactly what I mean, and are very likely already planning on getting this. If you are new to Scott's work, you are in for a treat and I suspect you will be quite pleased. The Piddington's Quandary is unique from the vast majority of mentalism routines in that it can be played on a grand scale, with part of the effect occurring in the theater where you are performing, and part of it occurring somewhere else. On top of this, the workings are surprisingly simple and technically very easy to execute. Highly recommended."
    - Stunninger - The Magic Cafe

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