The Power of Words by Jonathan Royle - Video/Book DOWNLOAD
    • The Power of Words by Jonathan Royle - Video/Book DOWNLOAD

    The Power of Words by Jonathan Royle - Video/Book DOWNLOAD

    This text describes a powerful and impressive routine that can evoke strong emotions in a lay audience. The routine, called the "Abnormal Lift," is showcased in a performance video that demonstrates its impact. The accompanying PDF contains valuable insights into the psychology and presentation of the routine, making it a valuable resource for serious performers of mentalism and hypnosis. The text also includes a testimonial from a hypnotist and mentalist who praises the variations on the routine. The PDF provides instructions on how to create moments where the person can be lifted and then suddenly cannot be moved, adding to the intrigue of the routine. However, the true value lies in the psychological and emotional impact that the routine can have on the audience.

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    Watching the performance video above will illustrate how Powerful and Impressive this Routine is to a lay audience, as it pushes all of their emotional Hot (and Cold) buttons to give them a real Roller Coaster Ride of Internal Emotions.

    Essentially this is just a routine for the "Abnormal Lift" but the Psychology and Presentational insights contained within the 5 large format information packed pages of this PDF are worth their weight in gold to any Serious Minded Performer of Mentalism and/or Hypnosis.

    "Two of my favourite effects, which I have performed many times, are Hoy's Tossed Out Deck and the Ultimate (Abnormal) Lift. Your variations on both were outstanding. I particularly liked showing the power of words with the signs for the Ultimate Lift." Ray Thompson - (Hypnotist & Mentalist)

    Obviously you will be taught how to ensure that one moment the person can be lifted and then the next they cannot be moved, before once again being able to be lifted....

    But as we say its the Psychology and Emotional Impact of the routine that is what you will find most valuable here.

    Pages: 5 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT

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