The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
    • The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
    • The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
    • The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
    • The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
    • The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD

    The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD

    Think Nguyen has created a card trick that has the magic community in awe

    Titled The Surprise, it requires no gimmicks, magnets, sleight of hand, arts and crafts, stack or memory work, or anything to add or take away

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    "Fooled me so badly!!! I'd perform this to others just to entertain myself!"
    - Zee J. Yan

    "I'm on my way to the store to pick up some new jeans because this fooled the pants off me!"
    - Richard Sanders

    "The perfect trick for those late-night magic jams. A real fooler!"
    - Benzi Train

    Every once in a while, a magician comes up with a trick so good, they refuse to share it with anyone but themselves. Enter Think Nguyen's masterpiece, The Surprise. After months of our begging and pleading that this needed to be shared with the magic community, Think has finally allowed us to publish his most closely guarded secret.

    Using a borrowed and freely shuffled deck, this is the most impossible Card At Any Number we've ever seen. Describing it in ad copy just doesn't do it justice, so we're not even going to try.
    Seriously, go watch the trailer.

    What you get:
    • No gimmicks
    • No magnets
    • No difficult sleight of hand to learn
    • No arts and crafts
    • No stack or memory work
    • Nothing to add or take away
    • And definitely NO MAGNETS
    If you're the type of magician that relies on self-working gimmicks as a crutch, this effect is definitely not for you. Yes, Think reveals all the secrets to performing The Surprise, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    When you combine Think's methods with traditional sleights, congratulations, you've just discovered the formula for creating genuine magician foolers.

    The most hands-off Card At Any Number, this is The Surprise.

    "The Surprise is a solid effect and provides great techniques that can be applied to many other effects."
    - Karl Hein

    "Well, after watching this trick, I've come to the conclusion that either Think sold his soul to the devil, or Think IS the devil."
    - Harapan Ong

    "No way that is possible! This is absolutely gorgeous, so clean and fair that I already watched ten times and I got fooled every single one of them."
    - Daniel Prado

    ''One of the greatest creators/performers of strong modern card magic.''
    - Ollie Mealing

    "Think is too humble in calling his creations card magic, when really they categorise as card wizardry."
    - Timon Krause

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