The Vault - 3DM by Mike Hankins video DOWNLOAD
    • The Vault - 3DM by Mike Hankins video DOWNLOAD

    The Vault - 3DM by Mike Hankins video DOWNLOAD

    3DM (3 Deceptive Moves) by Mike Hankins is an amazing collection of sleights that have been in his working repertoire for almost 10 years

    It includes the Eteson Change, a very visual color change with a hand wave that is both fluid and smooth; The JG Move, a switch that can happen while the spectators are focused on another activity and can also be used for mid-air color changes; and The Anjuna Fan Control, a card control that can be used after a little flourishing with the fan

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    An EXTREMELY visual color change.
    A VERY deceptive switch.
    A SEAMLESS card control.
    All for the price of 1. This is 3DM!

    3DM (3 Deceptive Moves), is a collection of sleights from the creative mind of Mike Hankins. These sleights have been in Mike's working repertoire for close to 10 years, and now he is sharing these with you!

    The Eteson Change. You show the spectator a card, they say it is not the card they picked. With just a wave of the hand, the card changes into their selection. There are many color changes out there that produce the same result, but none that look as clean as the Eteson Change. The fingers remain open and spread during the entire duration of the color change. The move is both fluid and smooth and really looks like magic.

    "WAIT...WHAT...Colorchangemania at its best!"
    - Chris Kenner

    The JG Move. This is Mike's take on the classic KM Move. In Mike's handling, the switch can happen while the spectators are burning your hands. You don't have to execute the move on the offbeat. AND this switch can also be used as a MID-AIR color change. This utility moves has many applications that are only limited to your imagination.

    "Slick move, Hankins! This fooled me pretty bad! All I can say is SVODEN!"
    - Robert Smith

    "I have a huge amount of respect for Mike - he's an incredible personality who's magic amazes me, so I am really honored to have a creation of his named after me!"
    - Jono Grant (1/3 of Above & Beyond)

    The Anjuna Fan Control. A card is selected and placed back in the pack. You shuffle the cards and execute a couple of fans. In the act of closing the fan, you have controlled the selected card either second from the top, or right to the top. The choice is yours. There are many card controls out there already, but this is a control created for magicians who like to do a little flourishing with their magic.

    "Mike's magic moves are solid, subtle, sneaky and slick. Awesome Work".
    - Christopher Wiehl

    Three Deceptive Moves. All for the price of one.

    This is...3DM.

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