The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD
    • The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

    The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

    Paul Harris' Dr

    Fun is the perfect magic trick to emotionally connect with your audience! With Dr

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    Dr. Fun by Paul Harris (From the TA Box Set)

    Imagine the emotional impact when you are able to predict the happiest moment of someone's life!

    After over forty attempts, Paul finally nailed the perfect fun method for this biggie that has all the impact of Deep Astonishment and The Anything Deck, except you can use ANY deck.

    You write a secret something on a playing card and place it face down on the table... where it never leaves your spectator's sight!

    You then guide someone to re-experience the happiest moment of their life:

    Smiles... sighs of joy... tears... and then they turn over the card... and you've predicted that very same happy moment!

    Dr. Fun is a surgically clean, self-contained astonishment that can now be done with just a regular deck of cards and a Sharpie.

    Experience the big happy!

    Download Dr. Fun today!

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