The Vault - Smoking-i by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD
    • The Vault - Smoking-i by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

    The Vault - Smoking-i by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

    The Smoking-i is an ingenious Paul Harris ungimmicked magic trick that will leave your audience astonished

    A spectator is asked to write the initials of someone they love on both sides of a paper match

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    An ingenious ungimmicked Paul Harris Astonishment with a normal pack of matches.

    A spectator writes the initials of someone she loves on both sides of a paper match. The match is lit and goes up in flames... her personal INITIALS are clearly seen to completely burn away to a BLACK CRISP.

    A fresh SECOND match is then examined and lit... her incinerated INITIALS impossibly re-appear on this SECOND FLAMING MATCH! They're really her exact same initials that were just seen destroyed with the first match!

    Everything can be examined. No palming. Completely self-contained.

    Experience the brilliant burn of the Smoking-i today!

    * Inspired by Paul's kid sister Janet... where during eye surgery, wisps of smoke came out of her eyeball!

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