The Vortex by Sam Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD
    • The Vortex by Sam Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

    The Vortex by Sam Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

    "The Vortex" is an amazing magic trick you can perform for your audience

    You can ask them to think of a word from a poem (or code or list) and, without using any forces, psychological techniques or anagrams, you will immediately be able to tell them the word they are thinking of

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    Hello, I am Sam Wooding and this is The Vortex.

    The Vortex is a method that allows you to walk up to a spectator, and ask them to think of a word from a poem. (The method taught utilizes a poem. However, you can use a code or a list instead.)

    The performer immediately starts to get a jumble of letters in their mind. When they write down the letters, it's proven that every letter on the paper matches up with the thought-of word!

    The performer then asks the spectator to think of another word. The performer again gets the word in a jumble. After asking the spectator to fully concentrate on the word, the performer then divines the word!

    - There are no forces
    - This is 100% practical
    - No anagrams are used
    - No psychological techniques
    - 100% sure fire

    This eBook download is a steal!

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