TOUCH by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD
    • TOUCH by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    TOUCH by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick will blow your audience away! You can perform it with a regular deck and no gimmicks, and yet you will still manage to produce a royal flush in spades without looking at the faces of the cards

    Even better, the spectator can shuffle the cards and there are NO peeks, deck switches, false deals, torn or shaved corners, or memorization work

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if, without looking at the faces of the cards, you could deal through them and pull out a royal flush in spades? Yes, of course it would be awesome.


    Is this done with a regular deck? - YES

    Is it a stack? - NO

    Can the spectator shuffle the cards? - YES

    Are there any peeks? - NO

    The Effect:

    You're blindfolded, and the cards are shuffled and cut and handed back to you. You begin dealing through the deck, feeling the faces of each card. You deal one off to the side, a few more go by and you deal a second one off to the side, etc. You continue until you have 5 cards off to the side. With NO switching, you turn over the cards. They are the 10, J, Q, K, and Ace -- a royal flush in spades.

    NO deck switch
    NO false deals
    NO peeks
    NO torn or shaved corners
    NO memorization work


    Download and learn the secret NOW and make your audiences believe you're the greatest card handler IN THE WORLD!

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