Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3 by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD
    • Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3 by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3 by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol3 is a collection of ten mind-blowing card tricks that require zero sleight of hand. These tricks are designed to leave your audience in awe while allowing you to focus solely on your performance. From visually stunning effects like 'Rising Card' to impossible card cheat demonstrations like 'Memory Opener', these tricks are world-class and guaranteed to impress. Don't be fooled by their simplicity - these tricks are some of the most powerful ever invented. Hosted by experienced magicians, this DVD will teach you how to perform these incredible tricks and leave your audience speechless.

    Featuring renowned tricks such as 'Armchair Mindreading' and 'Self Control', this DVD is a must-have for any aspiring magician.

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    Ten incredible self working card tricks. Zero moves. 100% awesome.

    "In magic, today as always, the effect is what counts. The methods used are always purely secondary."
    - Dai Vernon

    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol3 collects together ten of the greatest card tricks of all time - routines that will absolutely decimate any audience. Yet despite their incredible impact, they do not require any sleight of hand. Yep, these barnstorming effects are SELF WORKING! Using ingenious methods that will allow you to fool absolutely anyone, they ensure that you can purely concentrate on your performance.

    From Daryl's insanely visual 'Rising Card' to Sal Piacente's impossible multiphase card cheat demonstration 'Memory Opener' to Caleb Wile's magician fooling 'Armchair Mindreading', these are truly world class magic tricks.

    Seriously these are NOT your run of the mill self working effects - these are some of the most powerful card tricks ever invented - they just happen to require no sleight of hand.

    Prepare to fool the pants off your audience. And while they are busy reeling from the impact of these stunning effects, you will be able to have a little laugh inside about just how EASY to perform they were!

    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3 is hosted by James Went (from the Bafta winning hit BBC show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Ryan Schlutz and Owen Packard.

    Time to step in and get learning!

    Armchair Mindreading (Caleb Wiles)
    Self Control (Simon Aronson)
    Rising Card (Daryl)
    Memory Opener (Sal Piacente)
    Casino Clock (David Solomon)
    Quadruple MatchUp (Nick Trost)
    The Stapled Card (John Scarne)
    Devastation (Geoff Williams)
    Impossible Divination (Larry Jennings)
    The Red & The Blue (Alex Elmsley)

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