Under The Roof by Sergey Koller - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Under The Roof by Sergey Koller - Video DOWNLOAD

    Under The Roof by Sergey Koller - Video DOWNLOAD

    Under The Roof offers seven visually stunning effects that are all based on a single technique. These effects are not only enjoyable to perform but also elicit incredible reactions from audiences. The collection includes a basic color change, a transposition, a deck color change, two versions of a production card from a fan, a revers change, a control to the top or bottom, and a palm from the center. Each effect is designed to captivate and amaze spectators. Whether you are a professional magician or just starting out, Under The Roof provides a range of impressive tricks that are sure to leave a lasting impression.
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    Under The Roof - it's seven visual effects based on a single technique.

    Enjoy performing these effects and catching awesome emotions from audiences!

    Here you will find:
    1. BASIC Under The Roof color change
    2. Transposition
    3. Color change the deck
    4. Two versions of production card from fan
    5. Revers change
    6. Control to the top or the bottom
    7. Palm from the centre

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