V-Nish by Rizki Nanda - Video DOWNLOAD
    • V-Nish by Rizki Nanda - Video DOWNLOAD

    V-Nish by Rizki Nanda - Video DOWNLOAD

    V-nish is a unique solution created by Rizki Nanda that allows for the vanishing and reappearance of small objects in a split second. This innovative method has received high praise from industry professionals such as Victor Sanz, creator of the popular effect "Ink'A'Change," who described it as organic and brilliant. Lyndon Jugalbot, the creator of the new best seller "Portal," also commended V-nish for its clever method and beautiful illusion. With V-nish, you can make a single matchstick or a small object vanish and then reappear effortlessly. There are three variations of V-nish: V-nish, Key V-nish, and Total V-nish, each offering different levels of disappearance. This practical and easy-to-use technique is a must-have for any magician or illusionist.
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    This is what they said about V-nish :

    "You did it again bro!! Looks so organic. Absolutelly brilliant!!"
    - Victor Sanz (Creator of best seller effect called "Ink'A'Change")

    "Clever method for a beautiful illusion!!"
    - Lyndon Jugalbot (Creator of new best seller effect called "Portal")

    V-nish is Rizki nanda's unique solution to vanishing small objects become so practical and easy!!!

    V-nish :
    Make a single matchstick vanish then appear it again in split second!!

    Key V-nish :
    Make a small "key" (small objects) vanish then appear it again in split second!!

    Total V-nish :
    Make it totally vanish!! & "never come back again"

    It is Easy to do and Practical!!