VANISH Magazine October/November 2012 - Keith Barry eBook DOWNLOAD
    • VANISH Magazine October/November 2012 - Keith Barry eBook DOWNLOAD

    VANISH Magazine October/November 2012 - Keith Barry eBook DOWNLOAD

    In Issue 4 of the magazine, there are a variety of articles and features that cater to magicians and magic enthusiasts. The issue includes an editorial by Paul Romhany, as well as news updates by Danny Archer. There is also a crossword puzzle by Balu the Magician and an interview with Keith Barry. Other articles cover topics such as the magic of hypnosis, using an iPad for solo performances, and the art of routining an illusion. The issue also includes reviews of magic products and performances, as well as personal stories and advice from experienced magicians. Overall, Issue 4 offers a diverse range of content for those interested in the world of magic.
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    Issue 4:
    • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
    • Making News by Danny Archer
    • Magician's Crossword Puzzle by Balu the Magician
    • Keith Barry by Paul Romhany
    • The Magic of Hypnosis by Matthew Fallon
    • Ipad Solo Cam by Wayne Rogers
    • What's in a Name by Bizzaro
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Stapled to the Max by Tony Binarelli
    • The Magic Civil War by Joe Givan
    • Last One Standing by Neal Scryer
    • Child's Play - Halloween Magic by Tony Chris
    • Routining an Illusion Part 1 by Charles Bach
    • Sure Fire Prediction by Charles Gauci
    • America's Got Talent - Playing the Game by Mark Parker
    • How to Succeed on AGT by Tim Ellis
    • Magicopolis - Where Magic Meets Business by Adam de la Pena
    • About Magicopolis by Steve Spill
    • Vampire Slayer by Richard Webster
    • The Success Series - Using Rep Systems in Sales! by Cris Johnson
    • Spit in a Bag by Banachek
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends
    • Nick Lewin Presents... Magicians, Mind Readers & Other Exotic Beings
    • Superstars of Magic in Genting, Malaysia Show Report by JC Sum and Magic Ning Babe
    • Think Big, Play Big, Win Big! by Lee Alex
    • The One Gig I'll Never Forget by Danny Archer
    • Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach
    • 7 Days a Week by TC Tahoe
    • From the Desk of Keith Fields - Back on the Street Part One
    • Sharing Your Magic by Kyle Ravin
    • Increasing Your Business by Kyle Peron

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