VANISH Magazine October/November 2014 - Mat Franco eBook DOWNLOAD
    • VANISH Magazine October/November 2014 - Mat Franco eBook DOWNLOAD

    VANISH Magazine October/November 2014 - Mat Franco eBook DOWNLOAD

    Issue 16 of the magazine features a variety of articles and content related to the world of magic. The editor, Paul Romhany, provides an introduction to the issue, while Nick Lewin shares some news in the magic community. Paul Romhany also writes about "The Million Dollar Magician," and Alan Hudson offers 10 tips for professional close-up magicians. Other articles include "The Confusing Magic Trick" by David Gabbay, a farewell to Joanie Spina, and "Ten Little Secrets" by Timothy Hyde. Jeff Hobson discusses "Lost in Translation," and Nick Lewin interviews David Regal about creativity. Matthew Fallon explores the topic of being married in magic, and Nick Lewin shares information about "Red Hot Acts.
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    Issue 16:
    • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
    • News by Nick Lewin
    • The Million Dollar Magician by Paul Romhany 
    • 10 Tips for Professional Close-Up Magicians by Alan Hudson
    • The Confusing Magic Trick by David Gabbay
    • Farewell to Joanie Spina
    • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
    • Lost in Translation Part 1 by Jeff Hobson
    • David Regal: Creativity Never Sleeps by Nick Lewin
    • Married in Magic by Matthew Fallon
    • Red Hot Acts by Nick Lewin 
    • When There's No Bang for the Buck by Steve Spill
    • Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism by P. Craig Browning
    • Harpo Marx Magic by Ben Robinson
    • The Marx Brothers TV Collection by Ben Robinson 
    • Jeff McBride's Magic and Mystery School - Playing Big by Tobias Beckwith 
    • Bachstage - Finding Just the Right Music by Charles Bach 
    • Outerbridge - Media Appearances by Ted Outerbridge
    • Nickle Van Wormer Presents Brick and Mortar Shops
    • Magic Mind Magic by Joshua Meggison
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Performing Table #2 by Evan Reynolds 
    • One Ahead by Jorge Garcia - The Jack
    • Match Up by Gregory Wilson and Danny Archer
    • Hotel Hydrostatic Glass by Louie Foxx
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends