Vernon Revelations 1 (Volume 1 and 2) video DOWNLOAD
    • Vernon Revelations 1 (Volume 1 and 2) video DOWNLOAD

    Vernon Revelations 1 (Volume 1 and 2) video DOWNLOAD

    In 1982, a historic event took place in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, as the life and magic of Dai Vernon, the grand master of magic, was recorded for future generations. The project was inspired by Bill Larsen and undertaken by Videonics, owned by Hans Zahn, with co-hosts Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet, and Steve Freeman. L & L Publishing has digitally re-mastered the original footage, allowing us to witness the Professor at work and ensuring that future generations can learn from him. The videos capture Vernon discussing his tricks, moves, and routines in a jam session format, with both published and new material being covered. Vernon also reveals important techniques and improvements on his famous effects, as well as sharing world-famous routines.
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    History was made September 2-6, 1982 in a filming studio in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, as the life and magic of Dai Vernon was permanently recorded for future generations. Inspired by Bill Larsen, the project was undertaken by Videonics, owned and operated by Hans Zahn. The co-hosts of the filming project were Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet and Steve Freeman.

    L & L Publishing has now taken this original footage and digitally re-mastered it. Not only can we learn by actually seeing and hearing the Professor at work, but our great grandchildren and their great grandchildren will be taught that most elusive of crafts by the grandest master of them all.

    Some of the important points to be considered are:

    * The format is that of a jam session, with Vernon discussing his tricks, moves and routines, and generally holding court.
    * All the moves, techniques, routines, tips and handlings discussed are actually performed by Vernon or one of the co-hosts, along with a complete explanation.
    * Roughly half of the subjects covered relate to the published record; half the material was new and disclosed for the first time (at the time of the video shoot).
    * Many times, Vernon teaches important new techniques on the Vernon classics, including improvements, or previously undisclosed handlings, even as regards the famous Stars of Magic effects.
    * Some world famous routines, such as the Coins in Champagne Glass or the Fred Kaps Coins and Silk (invented by Vernon and taught to Kaps) are publicly revealed.
    * Important revelations about the Erdnase techniques, which Vernon has spent a lifetime studying, form a major part of the material.

    The idea behind these videos was to capture Vernon live so future magicians can experience him.

    No magician should miss these videos. Dai Vernon was the Dean of modern magic and he shares great things on these tapes. 

    Volume 1
    Gary Ouellet Intro
    The Story Behind the Stars of Magic Series
    Vernon on Think-of-a-Card, Dunninger,
    Brainwave Deck
    Vernon on Effects
    Triumph-the Vernon Triumph Shuffle
    and the Proper Presentation
    Story of the Vernon False Shuffle
    Practice & Improve Your Magic
    Keeping Notes on Your Magic
    Cutting the Aces-
    Another Vernon Card Classic
    Vernon on Passes, False Cuts
    Irv Weiner's Opening to Cutting the Aces
    The Story is the Entertaining Part of the Trick
    Story of the Ambitious Card
    Vernon Performs the Ambitious Card
    Vernon Explains an Ambitious Card Move

    Volume 2
    Gary Ouellet Intro
    The Vernon Double Lift
    The Fingerprint Card Trick
    Vernon Double Lift Replacement
    On the Strike Double Lift
    Vernon's First Intro to the Pass
    Story of the Purse Palm
    Vernon Demonstrates the Purse Palm &
    Spellbound Move
    Vernon on Coin Vanishes
    The Ring and the Wand
    Slow Motion Aces Performance
    (Steve Freeman)
    Story Behind Slow-Motion Aces
    The Slow Motion Card Vanish
    Story of the Last Card (Tent Vanish)
    Freeman Demonstrates Last Card Vanish
    Vernon Explains Slow Motion Aces
    Lay Down & Routine
    The Force with No Name
    Slow Motion Aces for Magicians

    Bonus: Lost Footage - a truncated segment from the "cutting room floor".

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