VOID by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD
    • VOID by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD

    VOID by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD

    This text describes a magic trick where you can make a small object disappear and reappear with just a wave of your hand. The trick is demonstrated in a video, showing how easy it is to do. You can make the necessary gimmick at home in a few minutes. The trick has several aspects that make it impressive, such as the fact that your hands never touch, the borrowed coin can be examined, and the vanish sequence can be performed from any angle. The trick also requires very little sleight of hand and can be done without sleeves. Overall, the difficulty level of this trick is rated as 2 out of 5.

    This text introduces a magic trick that allows you to make small objects disappear and reappear with a simple wave of your hand.

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    With just a wave, you can visually vanish and produce practically any small object. No need to say more, the video demo speaks for itself.

    The effect is accomplished using a small gimmick which can be made at home within minutes.

    • Your hands never touch.
    • Coin can be borrowed and/or examined.
    • Vanish sequence can practically be performed to an audience at an 360 degree angle.
    • Production sequence can be performed at an 180 degree angle.
    • No funny moves.
    • Very little sleight of hand required.
    • No sleeves
    Difficulty level: 2/5

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