Wait By Ruhko Varen - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Wait By Ruhko Varen - Video DOWNLOAD

    Wait By Ruhko Varen - Video DOWNLOAD

    Ruhko Varen, a renowned magician from Indonesia, has created a mind-blowing new trick called WAIT! Known for his impressive impromptu tricks like mars and antigravican, Ruhko now presents a killer solid through solid effect. In this trick, the magician shows the audience an empty box while holding several tic tacs in his palm. With a single tap, all the tic tacs magically penetrate the box, leaving everyone astonished. The best part is that both the box and the candy can be thoroughly examined. This visually stunning trick is not only super easy to perform but also easy to reset, making it a must-have for any magician.

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    From a great mind in Indonesia, Ruhko Varen, here comes a new effect: WAIT!

    Ruhko is known for his ingenious impromptu trick such as mars, and antigravican. Now he come back to bring you a whole new KILLER solid through solid works.

    Here what happens:

    Magician have several tic tac in his palm while he shows audience that the box is clearly empty. And with a single TAP all the candy goes in PENETRATE the box ! Not just stop in there the box and candy are 100% examinable!

    10 of 10 audience shown this trik shout: WAIT the minute...how the hell this' happen !?#%&

    This is so GOOD you don't even want to WAIT any more second to get this trick ! WAIT is the most killer, eye candy tic tac effect you have ever seen!

    Here what we thought about WAIT:
  • super visual
  • super easy to do
  • easy to reset
  • once you get this you won't WAIT any longer to perform it over and over!!
    "It's a Cool Trick"
    Arneg Renegado - Creator of Popular Tricks "Spirit and CreepyCoin"

    "Ruhko has taken the classic mints penetration to the next level, now you could perform with stack of mints!!"
    Finix Chan - Creator of Popular Trick "Unsighted and Jail Break with Lyndon Jugalbot"

    "Its Fooled Me When I know The Secret"
    Ralph Rudolf - Creator of Popular Trick "Linkedon and Pocket Raiser"

    Hadi Safa'at - Creator of Popular Trick "GHOST CLIP Present By Rick Lax"