Walletrix by Deepak Mishra and Oliver Smith video DOWNLOAD
    • Walletrix by Deepak Mishra and Oliver Smith video DOWNLOAD

    Walletrix by Deepak Mishra and Oliver Smith video DOWNLOAD

    Walletrix is a revolutionary project that offers six incredible effects using an ordinary wallet. It has received high praise from renowned magicians such as Justin Miller, Lloyd Barnes, and Kevin Schaller. The project stands out for its simplicity and versatility, as it requires no special skills and can be performed with most everyday wallets. The gimmick/setup/method is incredibly easy, and the wallet can be fully examined at the end.The effects included in Walletrix are visually stunning and leave audiences in awe. The Medusa Change allows for a bill to instantly transform inside the wallet, without damaging the money. Portal offers a transposition between a playing card and a business card, with the business card even appearing in the magician's mouth.
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    "This is a very sexy method and utility device that doesn't just create miracles, instead it gives that moment of astonishment we as magicians desire"
    - Justin Miller

    "This project is packed with brilliantly creative and practical material. Anyone watching this will be itching to test out the routines within."
    - Lloyd Barnes

    "Walletrix can only be defined as a stroke of genius!"
    - Kevin Schaller

    Walletrix is first ever project which includes 6 amazing effects that can be done using a normal ordinary ungimmicked Wallet.

    What's so special in this project?
    1) 6 amazing super visual effects
    2) No special skill required
    3) Can be done with most everyday wallets
    4) Gimmick/setup/method super easy.
    5) Wallet is fully examinable at the end.

    What the effects looks like -

    Medusa Change: An extremely visual bill change that happens in the blink of an eye. Imagine showing a bill inside your wallet and with no funny moves it changes. It can be done with any bills and you won't damage your money. You can hand everything at the end. Live performances included.

    Portal: This is the perfect playing card and business card transposition. A spectator selects a card and the card is then lost back in the deck. You then show your business card which vanishes and appears protruding from your wallet on the table. When you open your wallet the business card transforms into the selected card and your business card appears in your mouth. Let them examine everything at the end and keep your business card as a souvenir. Live performance included.

    Jump: Make your business card jump from one compartment to another in your wallet. Easy to make and perform.

    Wrong Cash: Imagine showing your wallet and with a shake a bill appears. Unfortunately the bill is not the one you wanted so you change it magically. Three handlings are taught and you can use this method to produce a blank bill and change it into a real money. Live performance included.

    I-Rise: An impromptu method to make bills rise out of your wallet. No set-up required and it can be performed surrounded. Two handlings are covered.

    Copy Cat (Bonus): Make a credit card rise out your wallet and jump across to your other hand. The rise and shoot is completely under your control and the card can be immediately examined. Note: This only works with a particular type of wallet. Live performance included.

    **NOTE** - We have added a new video on explanation part which basically covers (Stability of medusa change gimmick/setup, Ocasion to perform Wrong cash, Clean ending with Jump.)