Watch Bandit - Kevin King video DOWNLOAD
    • Watch Bandit - Kevin King video DOWNLOAD

    Watch Bandit - Kevin King video DOWNLOAD

    Kevin King, a renowned magician, has finally revealed his secret watch steal technique that he has been using for over ten years. This steal has been perfected to the point where spectators will be convinced that you never even came near them. In this comprehensive guide, Kevin shares all the details, including which watches to steal, how to steal them, how to handle any problems that may arise, and how to maximize the impact of the trick. He also provides tips on how to practice effectively. As a bonus, Kevin also teaches a cutting-edge card stab routine and a hilarious comedy gag. This download is highly recommended by industry experts such as Bill Malone, Roger Klause, and Bob Kohler. The running time of the video is approximately 22 minutes.

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    The Ultimate Watch Steal!

    Magic's greatest performers, from Blackstone to Carlyle, cemented their considerable reputations by making the watch steal an integral part of their performance. For the first time, Kevin King reveals the watch steal that has been the cornerstone of his performances for over ten years.

    After thousands of performances, Kevin King has refined the steal so the spectator will swear you never even came near them, turning a stunt into a miracle.

    It's all here...with no details held back. You'll learn:


    • Which watches to steal
    • How to steal the watch
    • How to handle problems
    • How to maximize the impact
    • How to practice
    As a bonus, you will learn Kevin's cutting edge card stab routine, plus a terrific comedy gag!

    "Kevin has chosen the best routine and timing for the ultimate watch steal. The balloon gag is worth the price of the download alone."
    - Bill Malone

    "Kevin has provided, through countless performances, the necessary psychology, technique and misdirection to enable the serious performer to become the 'Ultimate Watch Bandit.'"
    - Roger Klause

    "If you want to learn the watch steal, Kevin's download is a must have. If you already do the watch steal the Watch Bandit is still a must have!"
    - Bob Kohler

    Running Time Approximately 22min
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