Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection eBook DOWNLOAD

    Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection eBook DOWNLOAD

    This eBook is an essential resource for any magician looking to add to their repertoire

    It contains nearly 100 of Wayne Dobson's greatest magic effects, from his early days as a cabaret and stage magician to his latest TV appearances

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    This eBook contains virtually every magic effect Wayne published up to 2011, and all have the hallmarks of Wayne's creative thinking. The methods are always simple and direct, and included amongst the selection of around 100 effects are some of the tricks that helped to establish Wayne as one of the top stage, cabaret and TV magicians.

    Much of the magic is suitable for close-up performance too, and the required props are either everyday objects or items that are easily acquired. You are bound to find several items that interest you and which you will soon want to introduce into your own shows.

    As well as the magic, the eBook also features interviews with the people who worked with Wayne throughout his career, including his charismatic manager, Leon Fisk.

    Wayne offers sage advice in chapters on stage craft, management, consulting, and TV. He also offers ideas on a few illusions.

    There are loads of press cuttings from Wayne's illustrious career, great comments and accolades from some of the stars of world entertainment, as well as action and press photos from Wayne's many appearances around the globe.

    The eBook also includes Wayne's updated life story and lots of funny anecdotes.

    Running to 432 pages, this is a fabulous record of the life, achievements and magic of one of the UK's most popular entertainers, and it will provide both an entertaining and useful read.

    Download the eBook and enjoy!