Wrong Turn by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD
    • Wrong Turn by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

    Wrong Turn by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

    Wrong Turn is a highly entertaining ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) trick that your audience won't see the unexpected twist coming

    It only requires one prediction, and no gimmicks, rough-and-smooth, or sticky stuff

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    A stunning ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) with an unexpected kicker twist!

    Wrong Turn is a fun and baffling approach to ACAAN that adds a kicker ending your spectators will never see coming! While most effects in this plot are telegraphed, this surprising twist strengthens the climax of the effect. It further engages your audience, delivering even greater impact!

    A deck of cards is displayed as the performer mentions he made a prediction in the deck. The spectator cuts to any card, remembers it, then returns it anywhere in the deck. The participant then thoroughly shuffles the cards so their selection is genuinely lost in the deck. Any number from 1 to 52 is then named and the cards are dealt to that position. When the wrong card is found at the named number, the prediction comes full circle and the kicker ending ties it all together!
    • Super practical and very easy to do
    • There is only ONE prediction (no multiple outs, etc.)
    • No rough and smooth, no sticky stuff, no duplicates
    • Ends with a clean deck to continue into other effects
    • Gimmick can be easily made in less than a minute
    • Everything is covered in the 25 minute instructional video and bonus PDFs
    Download the video, learn the secret, and enjoy performing Wrong Turn!
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