X-Ring by Okadino video DOWNLOAD
    • X-Ring by Okadino video DOWNLOAD

    X-Ring by Okadino video DOWNLOAD

    Okadino has been working on his latest magic trick for two years and it's finally ready to be revealed! X-Ring allows you to do three illusions with one gimmick

    Amaze your audience by making a ring appear on your finger out of nowhere

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    After 2 years in the making, Okadino is now ready to share his latest creation.

    X-Ring is visual ring magic at its finest! You can do 3 stunning effects all with one gimmick! Imagine -- first you show your hands empty, and in a blink of an eye a ring magically appears on your finger. With a wave, the ring PENETRATES from one of your fingers to another! When your audience thinks that the effect is over, you further astonish them by VANISHING the ring in front of their eyes!

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