Z - Color Change by Ziv video DOWNLOAD
    • Z - Color Change by Ziv video DOWNLOAD

    Z - Color Change by Ziv video DOWNLOAD

    Z has come up with an amazing color change trick in the middle of a deck of cards. The trick starts with a fanned deck showing no face-up cards. Then, a black card is turned face up and shown to still be there after another fan of the deck.

    With a magical gesture, the deck is fanned one last time to reveal that the black card has magically turned red! This trick is not only visually stunning but also easy to perform, making it a fun addition to any magician's repertoire.

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    An incredible color change that occurs in the middle of the deck! This is from the creative mind of Z!

    Effect: Fan the deck, showing that no cards are face up. Turn one black card face up. Fan again, showing that it's still there. Then, with a magical gesture, fan one final time to discover that the black card has now turned red! Looks great!

    Easy to do.
    Extremely visual.
    Fun to perform.

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