Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
    • Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Joe Karson's creation of the Zombie magic trick has become one of the most popular tricks ever. Unlike previous methods for the Floating Ball, Zombie requires no assistants or elaborate staging, making it a favorite among magicians. However, the trick is also easy to perform poorly. In this volume, three masters of Zombie share their interpretations of the trick. Al Schneider provides a short routine perfect for beginners, along with tips on modifying props for maximum deception. Jeff McBride offers the most detailed exposition of Zombie, demonstrating and explaining every move, including alternative ways to achieve the illusion. Tommy Wonder explains his revolutionary modifications to the apparatus and the incredible effects that can be achieved.

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    It's been said that while others saw a block of marble, Michelangelo saw the figure of David. Similarly, Joe Karson saw a vision of a floating ball in a plumbing fixture and subsequently created one of the most popular magic tricks ever.

    What makes Zombie such an appealing trick is that, while it looks like real magic when it's performed well, it requires no assistants, rigging or other elaborate staging that previous methods for the Floating Ball required.
    However, its one drawback is how easy it is to perform Zombie badly.

    In this volume, youll meet three masters of Zombie, each with their own interpretation of this classic of magic. Al Schneider begins your post-graduate course with a short, punchy routine that's perfect for those just learning Zombie to become acquainted with the basic moves and handling. He also provides some great tips on modifying the props for maximum deceptiveness. Jeff McBride is next with perhaps the most elaborate exposition of Zombie ever produced. Every move is demonstrated and explained in explicit detail, including ways to get into, and out of, the routine. He also teaches you ways to accomplish the illusion without the standard gimmick. Lastly, Tommy Wonder explains his revolutionary modifications to the apparatus and the astounding effects that are possible.

    Zombie Ball

    Gimmicks and Ball
    Quick Start Opening
    Floating Technique
    The Cradle
    The Arm Balance
    Down the Edge
    Around the Arm
    Around the Back & Neck
    Double Spiral
    Zombie Vanish & Reproduction
    Beginning & Ending Your Routine
    Bare Handed Float
    Floral Finale

    Zombie Ball

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