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DVD - Only Slightly Sleighty by Ryan Schlutz

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Ryan Schlutz is known as a genius creator of easy to do card tricks. His bestselling DVD's 'Miracles Without Moves' and 'Effortless Effects' have armed countless magicians with material that has blown spectators away but required no sleight of hand skill to perform.

On Only Slightly Sleighty Ryan unleashes seven brand new barnstorming card routines that take everything to the next level. Most of the routines are still sleight-free or super easy (and those that aren't are still easily achievable by magicians of any skill level), but Ryan also teaches extra options for those who want to incorporate some sleights into the equation and add extra layers of deception to the material. Everything is taught on the DVD, so you can start simple and then build your way to card ninja expert!

The focus of the tricks on Only Slightly Sleighty is giving your audience the feeling that THEY have control of everything. Ryan has honed and refined these routines with the implicit target of making the audience feel like they have made every decision. Because if THEY made decisions, then the tricks truly ARE magic! It's a masterclass in audience control and relaxed misdirection. You'll have a lot of fun performing these routines, and you WILL fool people!




Future Card

Shuffles Therapy

Long Way Out

Any Card To Any Sum

Magic Camp


We Do As We Do

Plus, a great bonus section on how to use Pencil Dots and Edge Marking to expand your magical skillset and add a very special tool to your magical armory.



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