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DVD - The System by Dan And Dave Buck
  • DVD - The System by Dan And Dave Buck

DVD - The System by Dan And Dave Buck

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The DVD is broken up into three categories, (Archive, Tv Spots, and Extras) selecting one activates the gears to a "system" that will own you for hours:


multi-angle views
secret rooms
interactive menus

Tv Spots:



Short films
Out takes
Pasteboard animations (underground home video)
Eastereggs (hidden videos)


What You Will Learn:

Over 18 insane card flourishes; Genesis, Kryptonite, West Coast Chaos, Madonna 1-3, False Sybil, Mary Jane, Ferrari 360 Spider, The Werm, TCTCSA, 00.327.0000, 00.327.0002, Revolution Erdnase, Molecule 1-3

As a bonus you will also see and/or learn; The Leno Cut, Jackson Five, Railslide, Deck Flip, Revolution Cut, Sybil Variations


On purchasing the DVD you gain exclusive access to the The Vault now with over 18 new flourishes.


Scott Brown, MyLovelyAssistant 5/4/2009:

The Dan and Dave System provides a unique niche in magic DVDs; that is that it contains No Magic! The Buck Twins have achieved legendary status in a short time with their unique brand of magic --- All Flourishes! Or as I call it, card juggling.

Taught visually with multi-angle shots in full as well as slow speed. Also included are short films, clips with other card stars, as well as hidden Easter Eggs make this a value for the fan of flourishes. If this brand of entertainment is your cup of tea, I cannot imagine a better tool for learning these cuts and moves.


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