At the Table Live Lecture Garrett Thomas November 2nd 2016 video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture Garrett Thomas November 2nd 2016 video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture Garrett Thomas November 2nd 2016 video DOWNLOAD

    Garrett Thomas, a master magician and innovator, is known for his hit effects like "Banded", "Imagination Coins", and "Stand-Up Monte". He has also worked as a consultant for David Blaine. In his lecture series, "At The Table", he shares his expertise and aims to inspire others to tap into their inner magician. This lecture is not for those content with mediocrity, but for those who aspire to master the art of magic.

    In "At The Table", Garrett teaches a variety of moves and effects. These include "Garrett's Tilt", a deceptive card move, "Garrett's False Pick Up", a flawless card forcing technique, and "Garrett's Smith Myth", a trick involving three spectators and three cards.

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    Garrett Thomas needs no formal introduction. A genuine master in his craft, Garrett is one of the few magicians who can claim the titles of innovator, performer, and all around genius. While Garrett was releasing hit effects like "Banded", "Imagination Coins", and "Stand-Up Monte", he also focused his creative ingenuity as a behind-the-scenes consultant to David Blaine. Here, At The Table, he shares that brilliance on camera. While Garrett teaches a number of unbelievable moves and effects, his lecture is aimed at drawing out your inner magician. If you're satisfied with being a mediocre performer, this is not the lecture for you. But if you've ever dreamed of gaining deep insight on how to become a master magician with the ability to create miracles, join us as we welcome Garrett Thomas, At The Table. Here are some of the things you'll learn:

    Garrett's Tilt: The best tilt move you'll ever see. Magicians and spectators can be burning the deck and still never see this one coming.

    Garrett's False Pick Up: A flawless move that seems like the magician is simply cutting deeper into a pack while forcing a chosen card. Combine this with Garrett's Tilt move, and you've got a hypnotic array of reveals.

    Garrett's Smith Myth: Garrett shows three spectators three cards. The spectators then push each card into random places in the deck, and the deck is randomly cut into multiple piles. The magician can now reveal that the spectator's chosen cards are the cards on top of each pile.

    Lie to Me: Garrett starts off by pulling out a random card. He then shows the spectator a card, and follows by asking the spectators to lie about the card by naming a random card. He then is able to divine the spectator's true card -- even more surprisingly, the random card pulled out from the very beginning ends up being the lie card!

    Dime and Penny: The spectator holds four pennies and a dime stacked and locked between their fingers. Without going near the spectator, the magician now reveals the dime is now in his hand, and has vanished from the spectator's hand.

    Pen Thru Quarter: A super clean pen through quarter effect.

    Silver Dollar to Ring: A routine where a coin becomes a ring, which then becomes a coin, which then transforms back to the ring. Every single moment feels naturally motivated and incredibly magical.