Chinese Coin Palace - Small
    • Chinese Coin Palace - Small
    • Chinese Coin Palace - Small
    • Chinese Coin Palace - Small
    • Chinese Coin Palace - Small

    Chinese Coin Palace - Small

    The magician shows a box with two doors that he opens to show it empty inside. In one of the two compartments he puts a chinese coin and closes the doors. He tilts the box to the right, saying that the coin has disappeared and opens the door on the left to show this. Then he tilts the box to the left and opens the door on the right.

    And so on several times. The audience is not impressed as each time the magician tilts the box, they see the coin slide from one side to the other. At the end however the magician opens both doors and there will be no trace of the coin! Finally, he will make it reappear in a place of his choice!

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    A  wooden double compartment box with two lids is shown. The doors are opened to show the box is empty. Then a small size Chinese coin is introduced and placed into the left compartment of the box and the doors are closed. The box is then tilted, and the door to that compartment is opened. The Chinese coin is seen to have vanished. The audience is not impressed, because they have seen the Chinese coin slide to the opposite compartment through the open space between the two doors. They ask the magician to open the door to the other compartment. The magician closes the door to the first compartment then tilts the box, (the audience again sees the Chinese coin sliding over), then opens the door to the adjacent compartment to show that it is empty. This business of sliding Chinese coins from one compartment to the other is repeated, till the audience is howling for both doors to be opened at a time. 
    After some play, the magician opens both doors of the box and it is completely empty. The Chinese coin has completely vanished. The Chinese coin is then produced from any other place.

    ✔ Very easy to perform.
    ✔ Perfect for any type of audience, loved by children.
    ✔ The box, made of wood, measures 23 (w) x 9.5 (h) x 2 (d) cm. The plastic coin has a diameter of 7.5 cm.

    NOTE: The video shows the effect, but the size of the item you will receive is the one written in the description.

    A similar effect in a bigger size can be found here:
    Chinese Coin Palace

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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