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Encore by John Graham - Book in english

Encore is a professional and commercial card routine that reinvigorates the traditional multiple selection plot in magic. It features nearly 18 minutes of captivating material that only requires a deck of cards and a marker. The routine, created by John Graham, is cyclical in nature, integrating repeated revelations to create layers of astonishment and intrigue with each phase.

The routine is modular, consisting of seven unique effects that blend seamlessly together to reinforce the overall theme. Encore is presented as a 35-page hardback book, complete with clear descriptions and illustrations that allow you to go at your own pace and fully embrace all the tips and intricacies honed over 100s of performances.

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A commercial, professional routine that breathes new life into one of the most beloved plots in magic. Nearly 18 minutes of show-stopping material with just a deck of cards and a marker.

After bursting onto the scene with his bestselling book Stage by Stage, John Graham has once again partnered with Vanishing Inc. to bring you one of his all-time favorite routines. After performing and refining his Multiple Selection act in front of real audiences for decades, he's finally ready to share it with you!

Encore is a totally new approach to Multiple Selection that breaks the mould on its typically linear structure. It does not follow the typical presentation in which cards are simply selected, lost in the deck, and then found again. This amazing routine is cyclical in nature. It masterfully integrates the concept of repeated revelations, adding extra layers of astonishment and intrigue with each phase.

As each subsequent card is found, you also re-find the past revelations in unique ways. For example, when you find the third card, you also shock them by finding the first and second cards again as well. Each callback is surprising and provides a reason for the audience to stay engaged throughout the entire routine.

Encore combines seven unique effects into one elegant act. It is modular, so you could stop anywhere and still have a powerhouse routine. What makes Encore so special though is the level of thought and detail put into the routining. Every single moment blends seamlessly together to provide exciting new twists that reinforce the overall theme.

To help you get the most value out of this routine, Encore is offered as a beautiful, 35-page hardback book instead of an instant download. Clear descriptions and illustrations allow you to go at your own pace and fully embrace all the tips and intricacies honed over 100s of performances.

John has spent dedicates exploring and polishing this plot. He's made all the mistakes so you don't have to. Grab Encore today to learn a professional Multiple Selection routine that will amaze every audience!

"This is by far and away the best multiple selection routine I've ever seen."
- Asi Wind

"John has invented an entirely new structure for my favorite effect. I love it!"
- Andi Gladwin

"John Graham has come up with a very original and commercial approach to the multiple-card location plot. It's well worth any card magician's study."
- Darwin Ortiz

"I have performed a multiple selection routine for years and have read pretty much everything on the subject. This approach by John is amazing, entertaining, and most of all unique and surprising. It's really an act, not just a trick or even a routine. It's all high impact with nothing wasted or extra, except maybe for that H in his first name."
- Jon Armstrong

"John Graham, the busiest working full-time pro you've never heard of -- until, that is, the debut of his phenomenal book, Stage by Stage, about how to construct a professional caliber commercial platform magic show -- now brings that same experienced and professional eye to close-up card magic, in his excellent follow-up release: Encore. In superb instructional detail, John shares an 18-minute act, consisting of five neo-classic card routines plus two additional breathtaking climactic final beats. The skills required are intermediate at most, so whether you are a professional looking to apply John's principles and teachings to your own work, or an amateur looking to take the next step, put aside the latest new thing and replace it with an impactful performance that will kill any intimate audience, whether in professional or simply casual social conditions, the small price you pay for this book will be one of the best investments you have yet made in your journey toward becoming a complete conjurer -- a close-up magician who can truly perform a polished and memorable act! Isn't it time you took this final step -- this leap -- to another level? John Graham will take you by the hand and lead you to that promised land. Don't delay, don't think about it -- just do it -- and be prepared for your audiences to shout out the name of this transformational volume: Encore!"
- Jamy Ian Swiss

Difficulty: Intermediate
Hard cover book

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