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Penumbra #2 - Book
  • Penumbra #2 - Book

Penumbra 2 - Book

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July/August 2002
Pinkerton's Ladies by Roy Walton-The gradual card change as only Roy Walton could do it!
Mismatched by Ray Kosby-with a wave of the hand a matchbook turns inside out!
Don't Judge/Internal Script by Michael Weber-Mismatched gets the "Weber treatment."

Recollected Collectors by Guy Hollingworth-Guy's direct handling the classic Collectors plot
Bits by John Carney-the magician keeps his promise by squeezing a silver dollar and turning it into "four quarters."
One Good Winner by Allan Ackerman-King Brand with a new twist!
Corner Kick by Gordon Bean-the performer saves his trick by changing an indifferent card with a detached corner change into the selection!

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