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Uri - A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller by Andrija Puharich
  • Uri - A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller by Andrija Puharich

Uri - A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller by Andrija Puharich

In 1971 Andrija Puharich met a talented young
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In 1971 Andrija Puharich met a talented young Israeli named Uri Geller, whose psychic abilities had already made him well known in his homeland. The next year Uri came to America, where millions of people have since watched him bend keys, stop watches, and break metal rings, with no apparent physical pressure. So far no one has been able to explain successfully how he does these things.

But these remarkable talents are only the beginning of the story told in this book. Out of the friendship between Dr. Puharich and Uri Geller grew one of the most extraordinary adventures of a lifetime. Not long after their first meeting, according to Puharich, they were contacted by "Spectra," a voice they believed to represent an extraterrestrial intelligence called "Hoova." This is Dr. Puharich's account of how he and Uri thus became the first individuals in modern history believed to have made extended contact with non-earthly beings; how "Hoova" explained the source of Uri's psychic powers; and what they learned about the relationship between this intelligence and the inhabitants of earth.

Andrija Puharich is a medical doctor. After completing his studies at Northwestem University Medical School, he set up his own laboratory in Maine for the study of extrasensory perception. He has studied some of the most noteworthy examples of paranormal activity that have occurred in modern times, many of which are detailed in his earlier books, Beyond Telepathy and The Sacred Mushroom.


• Acknowledgments

• Preface

• Introduction

• Chapter One: "Uri" Means Light

• Chapter Two: The Gordian Knot

• Chapter Three: Dakashem

• Chapter Four: Spectra

• Chapter Five: When Time Stood Still

• Chapter Six: Eye of the Hawk

• Chapter Seven: Seven Pillars of Fire

• Chapter Eight: The Battle for the Truth

• Chapter Nine: Why

• Epilogue: "It Is Only the Beginning"

• Appendix One: The Nine

• Appendix TWO: Text of Stanford Research Institute Film

• Appendix Three: Clock, Time, and Prayer

• Appendix Four: Spacecraft Sightings

• Author's Biography

Pages 285 – Hardbound

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By on  07 July 2008 (Uri - A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller by Andrija Puharich) :


por favor este hombre se hace pasar por una persona divina, tocada por el ala de un angel, no se merece el respeto de la comunidad de magia porque intentó embaucar a la gente con juegos que se venden en las tiendas de magia, que muchos sabemos, haciendolos pasar por milagros y no por lo que son, ilusiones, la magia es ilusión no es un engaño, este hombre pasó la barrera que separa a ambos y seguira haciendolo poruqe desgraciadamente hay gente que compra sus libros y ve sus programas.