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DVD - UnRipped - Gared Crawford
  • DVD - UnRipped - Gared Crawford

DVD - UnRipped - Gared Crawford

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A spectator selects and signs his name across the back of a card. The magician then proceeds to fold the card into quarters and tear it right down the middle with the signature in plain view; that’s right, no switches or substitution of pieces! The halves are put together and torn once more. The magician plainly counts four separate pieces without fumbling to hide or mask those familiar, bulky, and suspicious looking edges. No funny looking fans and no false counts.

The first two pieces are held edge to edge and, with no cover, the magician simply blows on them and they become one. This portion of the card is now cleanly shown front and back and may even be examined by the spectator to confirm that the signature is intact. The next piece is held flush with the card and the seam is slowly massaged, joining it to the rest of the card. The fourth and final piece is shown and touched to the card whereupon it instantly links to the rest of the card. The magician then hands the card to the spectator stating that it is really only half way restored. The card is taken back and by simply rubbing, the creases are caused to vanish. As if that weren’t enough, the magician then peels the signature from the card, gives it (the signature) back to the spectator, and returns the card to the deck.

• This is a piece by piece restoration All four pieces are fully restored one at a time.
• There is no switch during the tearing procedure; the card is actually torn twice!
• Four thin and separate pieces are shown.
• Each piece is shown before each restoration, there are no "bluff" restorations.

By on  13 Oct. 2006 (DVD - UnRipped - Gared Crawford) :


buenisimo,me ha encantado,aunuqe hay que practicarlo bastante.el precio esta bien puesto que te esplica todo con detalle y te da muchas ideas y entiende bastante bien,solo con las imagenes puedes aprender el juego.muy bueno

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