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DVD 2 - Menu of Miracles by James Prince
  • DVD 2 - Menu of Miracles by James Prince

DVD 2 - Menu of Miracles by James Prince

Destined to do for the restaurant magician, what corporate close-up
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Destined to do for the restaurant magician, what corporate close-up did for the corporate worker. For the first time, James spills the beans and release some of his favorite routines and gives valuable hints and tips that will make you a high earner in this lucrative field.

Contents Vol.1 Include:

Repeat Travellers – Three cards vanish from the deck and then appear inside the magician's pockets. Put back inside the deck, they instantly vanish again and re-appear back in the pockets. Direct, powerful, and a great opening routine.

Mirrors – James' unique finish to any card routine. Placing the deck into the spectator's hands, they solidify into five solid pieces of Mirror! An amazing hands-on routine that will get audible gasps!

Multiple Cards To Pockets – Up to six signed cards are lost in the deck and instantly vanish, appearing in every trouser and jacket possible including one in a sealed envelope!

Card Over/Under And In Matchbox – One of James' brilliant routines that will leave you table dumbfounded. A freely selected and signed card jumps under, over, and finally inside a matchbox that is in full view the entire time. Simple, direct, and fiendishly clever.

Choosing The Right Venue – James tells you how to select the best restaurants to work. Invaluable insights are given that are worth the DVD price alone!

Ring In Pepper-Pot Illusion – James' signature piece in which a borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside a clear pepper-pot that is sitting on the table. Visual magic at it's best and a brilliant illusion. James teaches you how to make two versions in complete detail. Make this a feature of your show!

Impromtu Anniversary Waltz – James Prince's take on this classic trick, but with a difference. Use any deck and no gimmicked cards to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Simply brilliant!

Running Time Approximately 70min

Contents Vol.2 Include:

Table Approach – Learn the correct way tot approach a table for the first time. What to do and more importantly, what NOT to do using James' tried and tested techniques.

Cups And Balls At Speed – Probably the fastest Cups and Balls Routine ever with a four phase multiple ending! The perfect lead in to the next routine that leaves you audience speechless!

The World's Easiest Bill In Kiwi – Probably the simples Bill in Kiwi ever! Easy and completely undetectable. This is a routine that they'll be talking about all night.

Kiwi Finiese – A great finish to Bill Kiwi where you hand out the kiwi to the spectator at the end to keep!

Shoot The Kiwi – The ultimate Bill in Kiwi where the spectator can cut, open and remove their bill! A brilliant gimmick that will allow you to perform a real miracle is described in complete detail. Simply superb!

Fees – A discussion about what to charge and how to get the best out of your chosen restaurants.

Blue Card – A fast and amazing signed card in wallet with a kicker ending that you will use.

Brain Freeze – The easy-to-do packet trick that James has been performing for over ten years! Multiple climaxes simply leaves the audiences in a state of complete Brain Freeze.

Signed Card Thru Window – James' classic version that takes the effect to a whole new level. A freely selected cards is signed and then corner given to the spectator with part of his signature still on it. The deck is then thrown at the restaurant window and instantly the signed card is seen stuck to the other side of the window, Spectator takes his corner piece outside and removes the card from the other side. The corner matches exactly with their signature! No confederates and simply genius thinking!

Running Time Approximately 70min


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