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DVD - Ball Magic by Jordan Gomez
  • DVD - Ball Magic by Jordan Gomez

DVD - Ball Magic by Jordan Gomez

Learn now the world acclaimed ball act.
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Learn now the world acclaimed ball act.



Materials Presentation

- How to fake a M&M's

- JG's manipulation Balls

- The triple color changing ball

- How to make your own Shell

- How to make your loop ball

- Ball holder

- Black art M&M's bags

- Topit



- Growing M&M's

- Siamese color change

- Ball / M&M's bag transposition

- Crossed fingers color change

- The loop ball 1

- The loop ball 2

- Toss color change

- Triple color changing ball

- Total vanishing ball

- 4 balls flash production

Additional Techniques

- T-unload

- Siamese palming

- Siamese transfer

- Siamese duplication

- Topit unload

- Double palming

- Double transfer

- M&M's bag holder

- The armpit hold

- The armpit steal

- Invisible load from jacket

- Front steal

Routine Demo

Routine Setup

Routine Explanations

Language : French + English subtitles


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