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Magic DVDs DVD - Nevermind The Movie by Jon Maronge TiendaMagia - 2
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  • Magic DVDs DVD - Nevermind The Movie by Jon Maronge TiendaMagia - 2

DVD - Nevermind The Movie by Jon Maronge

This is the DVD that teaches the NEVERmind! System.

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This is the DVD that teaches the NEVERmind! System.

NEVERmind! Is more than just a magic effect. It is an arsenal for magicians with an imagination. You can literally entertain for an hour with just a deck of cards and your NEVERmind! Set.

Precision Magic and Jon Maronge are pleased to be able to release the new and improved NEVERmind! The formulation has been altered to last even longer. The process that is applied to the cards will actually outlast the card stock if taken care of properly.

The effect is to show four cards individually and get the spectator to think of just one of them. If it is a group, they can all agree on one card, or, they can each select their own. With no quick movements, no sleights, and with the spectators watching your hands intensely, the cards are now four of a kind!

As part of the routine goes, it seems like the magician could have made a big mistake. How is he going to fix this blunder? Will he actually be able to read my mind? NO. "NEVERmind, you never actually saw any of those cards." Your audience looks dazed and confused. "Like I said before, I never showed you those cards, so this trick won't work because all I have been holding are these four cards. The four Aces."*

The looks on your audience's faces will be priceless. You didn't actually mess up, they did.

You can easily throw these cards down on the table without any fear. These cards are not rough/ smooth.

• No double backers.
• No double facers.
• No sleights.
• No worries.
• No double sided sticky tape was harmed in the manufacturing of this product.

In this DVD with special guest Jack Trades, you will learn:

• The Original Handling

• Card to Impossible Location

• Alternate Handlings

• In Depth Explanations

• Vernon Substitute Transfer

• Jack Trades' Disappearing Card Handling

• How to properly modify your cards for easier handling

• Performance Tips

• Card Care

• and More!

Your imagination is really the limit when utilizing the NEVERmind! System.

What the Pros are saying about NEVERmind

"A delightful walk around effect that you'll actually use!" - Simon Lovell

"Son of a @*!......Son of a @*!" - Harry Anderson

"OK! Ok! Ok! You Got Me!" - Michael Ammar

"Wow Finally A trick for a NO Talent Guy like me!" LOL - Michael Finney

"That's a Terrific Effect" - Dale Salwak

"Do That Again!" - Wayne Dobson

"A completely Self Working effect that's easy to perform." - Dahlia Pelled, The Israeli Society of Magicians

Running Time Approximately 60min

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