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DVD - Piperactive Vol 1 by James Piper
  • DVD - Piperactive Vol 1 by James Piper

DVD - Piperactive Vol 1 by James Piper

Welcome to "Piperactive Volume 1" a brand new DVD starring the
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Welcome to "Piperactive Volume 1" a brand new DVD starring the superb James Piper.

This DVD feature some incredibly strong magic using just a regular deck of cards and some normal coins, from the working act of James Piper, a rising new star in the magic world.

All the tricks can be done in the hands and are perfect for all working magicians of all levels.


I thought you said eight…
After a little 'confusion' the magician saves the day by finding two selections, then blows their minds with an unbelievable transposition!

No good for the OCD...
A demonstration of dexterity, with a magical ending. Strong, commercial card magic at its best!

Under my armpit!...
The four aces reveal the suite of a chosen card which is then produced from the magicians armpit… or is it?

I forgot to wind the deck up!
A quick logical reason for one of the strongest things you can do with a deck of cards.

This is how I practice…
The magician offers to give a demonstration of how he practices by cutting to four of a kind, only to mess up, save himself and blow the spectators minds all at the same time!

How cheaters cheat…
The magician offers to reveal some of the greatest kept secrets of crooked gambling. An interesting, entertaining and amazing piece of close up magic!

Sloppy ace of spades!...
A classic with an added kicker that happens in their hands!

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