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DVD – Revolution - Jeff McBride

Revolution: The Secret Of The Double Dancing Cane

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Revolution: The Secret Of The Double Dancing Cane

Featuring The Vortex - 2 floating light staffs that dance and spin around the stage at your command


Spin-Stix: Whirling, Twirling Tornado Wands.

A Revolution in the Evolution of the Dancing Light Cane.

DVD Contents

• DVD recommendations
• Types of canes to use
• Cane fabrication and modification
• Silks, streamers, mylar, light toys & glow sticks
• The Vortex dancing light wand
• Thread and threading the cane
• Special guest - Dirk Losander
• Dirk’s floating wand
• Types of wood and thread
• McBride’s ”Spin Sticks”
• The floating drum sticks
• Wizard Garee’s LED spin sticks
• Basic moves, the classic cane
• Rising cane from tube opening
• Magnetized cane and the kick start
• Vortex x 2:The double dancing cane
• Over the hand
• Under the leg
• Behind the back & around the neck
• The slow motion kicks
• McLoop De Loop
• The Rainbow Revolution finale
• What to do if the thread breaks

Special Bonus: Footage Of Mcbride In Performance On Tour

This Dvd Is For All Levels Of Experience.

Running Time Approximately 50min

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