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    Vanish Magazing 35 eBook DOWNLOAD

    Will Tsai, the feature artist, wowed audiences on America's Got Talent and his off-stage life was explored. Other highlights include Wayne Fox's coin magic series, David Penn's beginner magic tips, and Jeremy Hanrahan's card design insights. Diamond Jim Tyler's bar bets, Louie Foxx's Fidget Spinner trick, and Jonathan Friedman's card routine were also featured.

    Additionally, there was an interview with French magician Titou, a look at the Korean magic community, and a feature on immersive magic in London. Nick Lewin shared his experiences at the Mersey Magic convention, while Art Geller discussed the key to comedy in magic.

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    Vanish Magazine #35 eBook DOWNLOAD

    Will Tsai is our feature artist and his incredible appearance on America's Got Talent was discussed and what he is up to when not performing.

    COIN GRIFTER 2.0 - Wayne Fox continues his video series on coin magic.

    BEGINNERS MAGIC by David Penn.

    CARD GRAFFING by Jeremy Hanrahan - For the card collectors and card design

    BAMBOOZLERS - Bar bets by Diamond Jim Tyler

    FIDGET FORCER by Louie Foxx. Magic trick using a Fidget Spinner.

    HALL and OAKES MAGIC - Jonathan Friedman shares an original card routine.

    TITOU - Living in the USA - An interview with French magician Titou and living and working in the USA.

    KOREAN MAGIC COMMUNITY - Anna Shin looks at what is happening in Korea and the rise of the award winning magicians from Korea

    TEK MAGIC and Lecture Note - The SEOUL of a magic shop

    MAGIC ON THE MERSEY - Nick Lewin shares his experiences on his recent trip to the Mersey Magic convention.

    KEY TO COMEDY - by Art Geller

    INTERGRATING MAGIC by Colin Underwood

    IMMERSIVE MAGIC IN LONDON by Charles Bach - A modern day type of magic using technology

    MR BOND AT THE ALCAZAR - Harrison Carroll shares his experiences with James Bond

    SMOKE AND MIRRORS - Danny Archer

    ILLUMINATING THE SCENE by Nicola Previti


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