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Bottle Thru Body Set (green bottle)
  • Bottle Thru Body Set (green bottle)

Bottle Thru Body Set (green bottle)

An incredible
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Temorarily out of stock. We will have it again soon!

An incredible effect that is good for any kind of audience.

A bottle is shown. The performer then wraps the bottle with a news paper in such a way that the bottom and mouth of the bottle are still visible from the two ends of the paper wrapping. Now he brings the bottom side of the bottle in front of the belly of a lady volunteer. Suddenly he pushes the bottle right through her body bringing it out from behind her back! The crumpled news paper is thrown away.


We supply 2 gimmicks, usable both with brown and green bottles.

In the video the effect is shown, but the actual item you will receive is shown in the photo.


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